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Are you searching for exercises that can strengthen and enhance your breast-muscles? Do you want a stronger upper body? Then these exercises at exercise breast.com might help you!

The exercises presented here are designed to exercise your breast muscles. The breast muscle is called Pectoralis Major and is the muscle that moves your arm forward. When you exercise your breast area you can get stronger and shape the area.

As a woman, it’s important to remember that your breast also contains fat and mammary glands, and that the visual result may differ.

Here at exercise breast.com exercises will be presented and all of them can help you when you exercise your breast area.


A good, effective, classic exercise is push-ups! And to increase the effects on the breast area in the pushup, you can keep your hands broader apart than you would usually do. 

You start by standing on your toes and hands. It’s important to keep your back straight, and even if it feels heavier and you can’t do the same amount of repetitions, the straight posture will give you a better workout.

Also remember to keep your shoulders down and not up at your ears. This will help you to keep your neck and back straight. Here at exercise breast there is information about, that’s right, breast exercises!

And here is the tip that gives your pushups the best exercise breast: keep your hands wider apart. A simple tip but nevertheless effective. Keeping your hands wider apart will specify the workout mostly on your breast muscles. You then slowly lower your body so you touch the floor, then go straight up. Don’t let the muscles rest between the pushups.

Remember to always keep your torso muscles tight, that will help your body to stay straight.

If you find the exercise to heavy on your arms you can stand on your knees instead of your toes.



When performing this exercise you start laying down on your back on a bench. You place your feet on the floor, raise your chest, lower your shoulders towards the bench, slightly bend you lumbar and press together your shoulder blades.

After this, the exercise can be varied in a number of different ways. You can either use free weights or a barbell. You can also tilt the bench in different angels and in that way target both the lower and upper part of your chest.

You hold your weights or barbell in your hands, and press them up against the ceiling until your arms are straight. Then you slowly lower them back in starting position.

When performing this exercise it’s important not to use to heavy weights. You can easily damage your body with too much weight and particularly if done in the wrong way.

If you’re lifting with a barbell, it can be smart to have a friend nearby that can help you in case you can’t lift it up.


The numbers of repetitions and sets you perform depends on what you want you achieve with your exercise, how heavy weights you lift and your individual conditions. 

It is extremely important that the exercises are performed in a correct way, otherwise you may harm your body. It is also recommended to not only train this one area of muscles, but to exercise your whole body.

Exercise-breast.coms exercises can, done in the right way, help you to strengthen you breast muscles.